How You Can Have Fortune and Freedom


Fortune & Freedom by Jim Hirshfield

Fortune and Freedom - Jim Hirshfield - Millennium Ventures Press

Having a dream isn’t enough. Jim Hirshfield’s book concisely illustrates the pitfalls facing every entrepreneur and provides the insight needed to weather the squalls that are sure to come. Written by someone who has been there, it is a must have guide.

Edward Eve
Retired Electrical Engineer

I bought your book a few months back and I told you I would give you my comments. I think that you provided some on the most clear thinking concise business advice that I have seen in a long time. I gave a copy to the Gordon Gee, President of The Ohio State University that's how well done it is.

Alan Thederahn
Snowshoe Energy Development

I received the copy of your book as ordered. Read it right away. It is the most practical and useful business guide I can recall reading.

Thomas C. Graham

So the colleague to whom I loaned your book finally returned it, keeping his volume of hand-written notes. He indicated he liked it so much he ordered not one but a number of copies from Amazon -- one for himself as a keeper, and one for his son, and another for a friend!

Joan P. Ogden

Joan P Ogden

I met you in Maui at the tourney. I was the freezing Jayhawk next to
you. We traded cards. I checked out your book. Really good. Wish I
could take you to lunch. . .

Derek P Hinton


. . . he gave me a copy of your Fortune and Freedom
book. I must admit that it sat on my nightstand for many months because I thought that the book wouldn't apply to me. Last week I was about to move the book to my bookshelf when I started flipping through
it. I then read and finished your book in 2 days. I found a lot of your opinions insightful and helpful. I really agreed with your thoughts on knowing where you want to go and preforming a skills inventory audit and then determining what steps you need to take to get you to the next level.

Carrie Rothman
Human Resources
Harbor Wholesale Grocery

Your book is fantastic - it is hard to put down. have produced something extremely rare: business-oriented advice that is easy to read, compelling reading, and full of practical suggestions. The personal stories add something that allows the reader to indentify with the message; excellent.

Jake Sudderth
Managing Editor
The Cascade Times

This book is a wonderful primer for young people thinking about making a living. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jim has lived what he writes. I will recommend it to anyone who asks my advice.

John Brogan

This is a smooth and enjoyable read, with insights for experienced people as well as those just starting. Jim's skills as a strategist really come through -- I love his conclusion that he was probably going to survive the Harvard Business School because he spotted 10 other students more likely to get the boot before he did!

Terry Schmidt

“Fortune & Freedom”, what a great guide for nonprofits! I loved your Chapters 11-12 regarding the “deal.” They were so reminiscent of what we have just been going through.

Stan Cummings, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Northwest Maritime Center / Wooden Boat Foundation